Each client is unique and requires an individualized approach to employee health and wellbeing.  One size most certainly does not fit all. Depending on your company’s goals and resources, we can help you with any phase of your wellness journey.

In the past, the primary and sometimes singular approach to wellness focused on the employee’s physical health, a major portion of rising healthcare costs.  BMB’s sophisticated data analytics allows us to conduct extensive analysis of your claims detail to develop a risk profile and isolate specific cost drivers that we can address with targeted solutions in order to manage high health care costs.

In addition to physical health, there is now a more holistic approach to wellness which includes an individual’s physical & emotional well being.


  1. Career Well Being
  2. Social Well Being
  3. Financial Well Being
  4. Physical Well Being
  5. Community Well Being

It is our belief that comprehensive wellness programs should incorporate activities and initiatives to produce a positive impact in each of these five areas.  Continuous research provides our clients with access to an unlimited network of local and national providers as well as low and no cost health and wellbeing resources to accomplish their goals.

Successful strategies deliver a healthier and happier workforce with an increase in employee productivity, retention, and morale, along with reductions in absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover and reductions in workers compensation and disability claims.