Personalized service means spending time with our clients, explaining the risk management process. As trusted advisors, we explain our approach to clients so they will have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about their coverage.

Our approach to developing comprehensive personal risk management programs begins with a complete analysis of the client’s exposures and insurance contracts. We then provide a written report with recommendations for:

  1. Improving existing insurance policies from a coverage standpoint
  2. Strategies and options for reducing the overall insurance cost
  3. Strategies to streamline the administrative aspects of the program

We work closely with out clients to develop an exposure profile to assess loss potential and loss control measures designed to prevent loss. We assist our clients in identifying unique exposures such as jewelry and fine arts that may require special insurance protection. BMB’s personal insurance team has access to professional appraisers for fine arts and other collectibles along with resources for videotaping and cataloging personal assets. In the event of a claim, we have access to preferred vendors who can provide emergency disaster and restoration services including smoke, odor elimination and water removal.

We have access to the leading insurance carriers that specialize in high net worth individuals and complex insurance needs. These firms provide clients with a replacement cost survey of their residences to document and determine their coverage needs.

One of our primary goals is to substantially simplify the administrative aspects of your insurance program. We ease the burden of program administration by developing strategies to reduce paperwork and streamlining the administrative tasks that are often frustrating and time consuming. Once we have structured the insurance program for our client, we know that change is certain. Our relationship includes ongoing counsel and new product education as the insurance market place evolves. We continually monitor your policies and find customized solutions to your shifting needs. An annual review is included in this proactive approach, which involves a one-on-one meeting with your Client Representative to review your program.